Michael Ozazomaro Benin aka Page is from Delta state Uzoror isokoh north local Govt, Born in Lagos surulere in a family of 6 and also the Only son of his parents, A 200 level political science student of the Lagos state University. Page has been doing music from his child hood age started as a drummer boy then a choir and he is still presently a lead appraisal in church but started recording his songs professionally 2009 when he got hooked up with his new producer called Popito. Popito has worked with so many top artiste in the music industry. Popito has worked with the life of W4, Faze, Rugged man, Solid star etc. Page and Popito came together to producer the killer jam and here is it title PAMILAYO. Pamilayo is currently the favorite club banger for all DJ’s to boosting the grove of their party! Is a hit, and Page is also signed to a Label called UB Entertainment!




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